Brow Wax

Brow Wax

Brow Wax Cleaning and Perfecting Your Brow Shape

Benefits Of Waxing

Benefits of waxing over shaving will give you an overview of why many people have converted to waxing as a method of hair removal.

  • It lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots.
  • No cuts or nicks that can leave you with scars.
  • Shaving can cause rashes on sensitive skin.
  • For many, waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer.
  • Waxing produces smoother results because hair is pulled from the root.
  • Waxing will make your skin feel smoother longer without feeling itchy, because of slower hair regrowth.
  • Waxing is fast and convenient.
  • Skin is less susceptible to irritations associated with shaving.

Get Waxed

Face, Bikini, Underarm Hot Wax

What is Included

Shaping and Neatening Of Brows

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