Calabash Foot Treatment

Calabash Foot Treatment

Cleanse, Exfoliate & Massage

Benefits Of Pedicures

Feet are that part of the body which are greatly exposed to dust from the ground. Over time dirt accumulates in your toes, making it a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This increases your chances of contracting an infection. A pedicure cleans all the dirt to keep your toes risk free.

  • Keeping your skin moisturized
  • It exfoliates your feet
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Removes the calluses
  • Prevents ingrown toenails
  • Early detection of foot problems

Happy Feet


What is Included

Cleansing of the Legs & Feet with our Kalahari Rooibos Tea & Water Combination

Exfoliation of the Skin on Your Legs & Feet with your Choice of texture from Our Kalahari Botanical Buffet

Foot Massage Excellent for Relaxation & Blood Circulation with your choice of scent from our Kalahari Botanical Buffet.

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