Full Set Of Tips

Full set Of Tips

Full Set Of Tips Applied On The Natural Nails To Enhance The Length Of Nails And Gel/Acrylic Overlays To Strengthen And Assure Long Lasting Nails

Benefits Of Gel/Acrylic Overlays

Designed to last much longer and give women who have short nails, the opportunity to wear long nails without being afraid of common breaking from various reasons (natural nail is more prone to breakage and the structure of it is more sensitive).

  • They last longer for about 3 to 4 weeks, which is awesome compared to a classic nail polish that usually lasts 3 to 4 days, no?
  •  They dry instantly while you are still in the salon, no need to worry. So, no smearing, no chipping, no smudging or scratching off
  •  Gel nails allow the person to experiment fabulous nail designs as they are easier to work with and create designs that with normal nail polish you can not acquire.
  • The gel looks fresh all the time that it is on your nails, even before you go and take it off.

Enhance Your Nails

Nail Design Being Done

What is Included

Cutting, filling and Prepping of Nails

Applying Of Tips and Cutting Them to the desired Length

Gel/Acrylic Applied Over Nails to create Strength to the Nails

Choose from our variety of UV Polish Colours and Art Work done if desired.

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